Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Metal Universe Update: Contest Winnings

Recently one of my favorite hockey card blogs, Puck Junk, held a contest to coincide with it's relaunch. The winner of the contest received a nice 1987-88 Topps Patrick Roy. While I wasn't the lucky one to win that particular card, I did end up with a consolation prize that was even better than the Roy as far as I'm concerned. 

It's another important piece of my 1996-97 Metal Universe set project, check it out:

I've actually never even seen this card before, so that makes it that much better, plus it's another one for my ever growing Red Wings collection. It's the third Wing I have from the set, leaving me with just a few more to complete the team set. 

This one brings me to 67/200 for the base set. Just want to say thanks Sal for putting on a great contest and for sending out the consolation prizes.


  1. You like Red Wings, and you're building this set, so it seemed to be an ideal "consolation" prize.

  2. Consolation prizes rule! Congrats.