Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Picks #86: John Vanbiesbrouck

Here's another pick that is all about the picture on the card and not the card itself. In this case, it's a John Vanbiesbrouck MVP card from I believe 1995-96 or 1996-97 Upper Deck. I remember really liking this card as a kid in the 90's because of the closeup of one of the most memorable masks in the NHL, at least I will always remember it.

Vanbiesbrouck spent five seasons with the Panthers from 1993-98. The peak of that time was probably the Panthers only trip to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1996, where Vanbiesbrouck squared off with the great Patrick Roy of the Colorado Avalanche. 

One of the nice things about all of his masks is the fact that they are unique, as I don't think many other goalies used the square cage, other than Kelly Hrudey who had some neat masks himself. Anyway, I thought I would show off some of Beezer's other masks.

I really like the two Flyers masks with the unique take on the logo. The Rangers one is awesome too with the actual bees flying in front of the New York city backdrop. Not sure on the upper right mask, but it was listed on his Goalies Archive page. Looks like it could be from his time with New Jersey. Anyone know for sure?


  1. For starts, I think it was from is a similar styled one:

    I think the MVP card might be part of a Collectors Choice insert set...96-97....but I am only guessing too.

  2. The MVP card is an insert from "1996-97 UD Collector's Choice" One of my favorite collection of all-time!

    I agree, the Breezer's mask is awesome!