Monday, May 21, 2012

Jimmy Howard: Beehive Blue

Man, my mailbox really does not want me to get to all of the pack break posts in the queue, does it? Today I came home to another nice pickup for my Jimmy Howard collection. This time it's another piece of my nearly complete 05-06 Beehive rainbow.

One thing that this purchase reminded me of is how important patience can be in a hobby like this. I've seen this same card on eBay with BIN's anywhere from $5 to $25, but never went for them thinking I could find a great deal one of these days. Well, that day came recently and I ended up getting it for just $0.99 plus shipping.

I already have the base, red, and beige versions of this card. Now I just need to track down the matte version, which is numbered to just 25 copies. I've seen one so far, and it was BGS graded at like a 9.5 or something with a BIN of more than $100 on eBay. No thanks, I'll wait that one out too.Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky with that one too.

Have you ever waited years for a card to come around at a great price? Like I said earlier, I could've had this card several times over if I was willing to pay a bit more for it, but just a little patience saved me a lot of money.


  1. I've definitely waited for years. Especially with cards numbered out of 25 or more. The dilemma I've noticed is that with certain products, the market has just dried up. You don't see boxes being busted of certain products after a while.

    It sometimes makes me regret not pulling the trigger earlier. But it's not too bad. I know the card will show up one day.

  2. the biggest lesson to learn in this hobby is.... it's not a race.

    nice pickup.

  3. Sweet... you taught me a good lesson today!