Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jimmy Howard: More eBay Pickups

Now that I'm done working for the calendar year and I finally got around to getting a new computer, I have some time to get a few more things posted here. I'll start today with a couple of eBay pickups for my Jimmy Howard collection. They're nothing spectacular, just some base and inserts, but still something to show.

The first one was this Masked Marvels insert from 2011-12 Certified. It set me back all of $0.01 plus $2.50 for shipping, which isn't all that bad considering that card would cost me at least around $3-5 at any local card shop or show anyway. Plus this saves me the cost of driving anywhere to get it.

Much better than last year's design if you ask me, although I still think they could have done a bit better job of capturing the mask in the upper photo, but I guess its close enough. I also really like the upgrade on the "Masked Marvels" logo at the bottom.

The  other purchase I made was for a lot of eight cards, some of which were duplicates. I also already had a few cards in the lot, but I needed the others and I couldn't go wrong at $0.99 plus $2.25 for shipping, especially when one of the cards was another RC.

The first new one was this base card from 2010-11 Donruss. This is one of those sets that was just ok when it comes to the design. Nothing fancy here, but it's still another one to cross of the want list. Now I just need to find the proof and die-cut auto versions of it.

The next two have been on the radar for quite some time now, I just could never find a good enough deal to justify picking them up, plus they're not exactly easy to track down. The first is this AHL Top Prospects from 2005-06 produced by Choice Marketing.

The other one was the same set, this time from 2006-07. This one has a much better design and the picture looks just that much nicer with Jimmy's Red Wings colored gear instead of his old college gear shown in the other one.

The others, which I already have copies of in the collection, were a red border parallel from 2005-06 Beehive and a base card from 2010-11 OPC. I don't mind having doubles like this, because I might eventually send some of these out for some TTM action.

The most important part about this pickup is crossing the 100 mark when it comes to total number of cards in the collection, including duplicates. These nine bring that number to 105. I'd have to go back and look to see how many of those are dupes, but I would guess at least ten by now, so I've got around 95 unique pieces in the collection.

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