Monday, September 19, 2011

My Picks # 76: Pavel Bure

Here's another pick that shows how much better inserts were back in the 90's when jersey cards and autos did not come in nearly every single pack of cards. This one is a 90's Snapshots of The Russian Rocket, Pavel Bure, from Upper Deck's 1999-00 MVP.


The scan does not do all that much for this one, it looks much better in your hand with the light reflecting off of it as it's printed on a kind of rainbow foil board. Overall, I really like the design. it's simple and focuses the most on the four different images on the front.

This is the only one of these I have in my collection and I thought it was the coolest thing back when I pulled it from a box when I was younger. Like I said, inserts like these were what it was all about for me back then, so I can still appreciate it today.

What I really like about this one is that it shows the same player in four different jerseys. That's something you don't really see all that often. It's kind of neat to see the changes over time as the photos are in chronological order starting with the earliest one on the left.

Here's a nice little tribute video I found on YouTube. It goes along pretty well with the card as it's got plenty of Canucks highlights with some Panthers stuff thrown in, and no Rangers highlights. The only thing missing is the all star game.

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