Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Metal Universe Update: A Goalie Eight Pack

Metal Universe is one of those love it or hate it kind of sets. Me, I loved it as a kid and I still love it now. That's why I decided to try and build the set, as it's something kind of unique with it only really being produced twice in hockey.

That said, it literally has been forever since I updated this project, but again as part of the big trade with Brett from MHCO I was able to add a few nice pieces, which I should say were thrown in as extras. Thanks Brett!

As you can see there is a nice mix of 90's goalies here. The designs in this set seem to be the coolest on the goalie cards, with things like brick walls and the eyeballs. What I did notice though, is that some are reused within the set, like the Barrasso and Fichaud. 

These eight new additions to the set bring me to 66 of the possible 200 base cards, not a bad place to be at this point. I'd like to finish the set as soon as I can that way I can focus on some of the inserts, as I haven't gotten any of those yet. 


  1. Man I love this set and wish I had a few or the entire set to be honest, as of now I only have the lone one, Keith Tkachuk.

  2. The Tkachuk is pretty cool with the broken glass look, not a bad one to have if it's your only one.

  3. Me too I only have one and it's with Mogilny with the Doc Oc arms wrapping around him