Monday, September 26, 2011

Gold Script Update

It's been what seems like forever since I updated this part of the MVP Stanley Cup Edition project. The last time I added any golds was back in April when I added five to the set. These pickups are a combination of some recent trades and a pretty good deal on ebay. 

This first one came from another trade with Chris over at Confessions of a Hockey Card Addict. It's numbered 56/100 and features Ivan Novoseltsev of the Florida Panthers. 

These next six are part of the trade I worked out with Brett over at My Hockey Card Obsession. This first is this Michael Nylander numbered 050/100. 

The second is this Jonas Hoglund numbered 073/100. 

The third is this Petr Svoboda numbered 078/100. 

The fourth is this Peter Bondra numbered 010/100.

The fifth is this Radek Dvorak numbered 091/100.

The sixth and final one is this Pierre Turgeon numbered 040/100.

Then there are these last three from the bay. I ended up with the trio for less than $10 delivered. The first and probably the best is this Mike Richter numbered 022/100.

The second is this Tony Amonte numbered 084/100.

The last one is this Tim Connolly numbered 077/100.

That's it for now. These bring me to 29 total in the set. That's kind of further that I expected I would be at this point as these things are getting harder and harder to come by. 

Thanks again to Chris and Brett for a couple of 'golden' maildays. 


  1. I know I have one somewhere tucked away in my hockey cards. If I run across it, I'll check it against what you need.