Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jimmy Howard: Card Show Pickups Part III

These next four cards were the last purchase I made at the Gibraltar show last weekend. I spent a ltttle more on these four than the other two purchases, but it was worth it, especially for the last card.

The first was this In Action insert from 2010-11 OPC.

This next one is also from OPC, its a retro rainbow parallel. 

Onto one more insert, this time from 2010-11 Playoff Contenders. 

Now, for the best card I was able to find at the show, for a decent price too. It's an Ultimate Signatures from 2005-06 UD Ultimate Collection. What I like most about this one is the fact that it's hard-signed, meaning Jimmy actually handled this card himself, something I cannot say about any of my other Howard autos. 

That's it for now, although I've got one more recent addition to the collection to share once I have it scanned and ready to go. 

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