Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Script Update

In terms of today's NHL, as opposed to when this set came out in 2000, this is one of the better cards in the set and I got it for what I believe is a steal on ebay: a Joe Thornton /25 for less than $10. 

I'm not a fan of Thornton by any means, but I'm definitely glad to be able to cross this one off the list. I thought for sure it was going to go for much more than the $9.99 opening bid, but I was wrong and ended up winning it with just that one bid. 

This is the seventh Super Script I've been able to acquire this year, compared to the nine that I picked up all of last year. That would put me on pace to get nearly 20 by the end of this year. 

It's also the 21st I've gotten for my set. While I'm making much more progress than I expected since I started this, I still have a ways to go even before getting to the 25% mark, let alone completion. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm a Thornton collector, so I feel you got a steal too, would have loved to add this to my collection at that price!

    I'm currently working on putting together a blog roll on my site and was wondering if you'd be kind enough to do the same for me. Blog can be found via and you can e-mail me at

    As an aside, read your post on shipping practices and you've convinced me to change mine, I've been guilty of the scotch tape thing for too long!