Friday, March 18, 2011

Thoughts: Hot Packs

I know I've done a few more "Thoughts" posts than usual lately, but I don't have much else to write about until a few more pickups arrive in the mail and this is something I just had to share.

I was searching for some more SCE cards on ebay and came across this auction. I saved a screenshot of it in addition to linking to the auction page, which can be found here.

I've never seen something like this before. I hope nobody believes they are actually guaranteed a jersey card like this, last time I checked there were these little things called decoy cards.

How do I know this isn't a retail pack with one of those anti-theft decoy cards inside? Has anyone else seen any kind of auction for a single so called "hot pack" guaranteeing a jersey card like this?

Also, what are your thoughts on an auction posting like this? Personally, I don't like, but I also know better than to believe it.


  1. If it's too good to be true - it probably is.

    I think when it comes to 'hot packs', people open up packs, take out the good cards, toss in a junky jersey card and then reseal it.

    With the equipment you can buy nowadays, you can pretty much do it without making it look like you tampered with the pack.

    I have zero interest in hot packs, I hate when I see an auction for them and I would never buy one.

    I just hope that people buying them understand that there will more likely be a letdown than a 'home run' of a hit in there.

  2. More than likely it does have a jersey card in it. This is what the pack searchers resorted to when the bottom fell out of the jersey card market from the over saturation of them. They either feel them up or they used scales to weigh the packs and figure it out.

  3. Yeah... I'm with AdamE... don't know for sure about this particular seller, but I've watched enough YouTube videos of pack searchers who call what's in every pack they purchase. It's definitely a black mark on our hobby and if I were the hobby GOD... I'd punish those who searched packs. I don't buy packs very often so it doesn't affect me, but it sucks for those who do (especially the kids who save up their allowance hoping for an opportunity to pull an autograph or relic).