Monday, October 11, 2010

Silver Script Update

As I mentioned earlier, I added quite a few Silver Scripts from my last box break. I ended up with exactly 18 of them, but I already had three, so make that 15 new ones to cross off of the list.

Here are a few of them:

The rest of them included: Nedved, Tverdovsky, Sillinger, Whitney, Lukowich, Gomez, Recchi, Woolley, Sheppard, Satan, McAmmond, Lundmark, Brendl.

The doubles are of Nedved, Tverdovsky and McAmmond so if anyone is interested in any of those three let me know as I have no use for duplicates in any of the parallel sets.

The 15 new additions bring the Silver Script total to 33, which is exactly 15% of the entire set. This means the entire parallel and base set project is now at 275/880 or 31.25%.

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