Sunday, October 3, 2010

Garage Sale Pickup

It's been a while since my last garage sale pickup. This one is not as impressive, but still pretty sweet. It was a Donruss Preferred tin filled with a stack of mixed cards from the 80's, 90's, and 00's, for only $2.

I've gotten a few of these tins in the past and they're pretty cool. They're also a good way to store a handful of top loaders. This is the second Roy/Brodeur tin I've added to my collection.

Here's a quick look at what I found inside:

Here are what I thought were the best cards to come out of the tin:

This Vladimir Ruzicka is from 1992 Pro Set Platinum. I really like the simpleness of this set, it's kind of different that there is no mention of a player name on the front of the card. 

This Bob Probert is from the same set and it shows him wearing the only third jersey the Wings have ever had. Other than that it's a great action shot, which is the case with most of this set. 

Fnally, this Patrick Flately is again from the same set. I like this one the most because it not only has a great action shot of a wrap around attempt, but becuase they isolate Flately in color while the rest of the photo is presented in black and white. 

There were about 20 more of these Pro Set Platinum cards and a bunch of Parkhurst cards. Not bad for only $2. Garage sales aren't the first place I'd look for cards, but you never know what you'll find, so don't count them out when it comes to finding hockey cards. 

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