Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pack Break: 2009-10 OPC

More bottle return money means more free hockey cards. I decided on something I haven't bought any of yet, that being 2009-10 OPC. I've really begun to like this set lately, so why not for only $1.59?

Here is one of the base cards:

You know a set is pretty big when guys like Mara have a base card, but that's one of the best things about OPC. I like the design more than last year, it just looks better with the OPC logo and the info on top rather than at the bottom. The rest of the base were as follows:

Chris Kunitz (PIT)
Barret Jackman (STL)
Daniel Briere (PHI)

Now onto one of the subsets:

This Legends subset card is probably the only Grapes card in my collection at this point, but it's a cool one at that. Gotta love the red suit against the yellow background. I also like the way the fill and border colors of the word Legend changes from left to right. 

And onto one of the parallels:

These rainbow parallels are supposed to hit one every eight packs, so I think I did pretty good with this one. The scan does this card no favors at all, they're really nice looking in person. Also, they're glossy front and back unlike the standard base cards. 

All in all, I would say I did pretty good for one pack at $1.59, a retail pack at that. I could see myself going for more of this stuff as prices come down, even just for the rainbow parallels. 


  1. I am LOVING that Grapes card!

  2. At $1.59 I'm going to guess Target?

  3. You hit a rainbow in retail? Not bad at all!

    Yeah, that's a cool Cherry card. I gotta keep an eye out for one of those.