Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jimmy Howard: The Goaltender

Now that I've got a pretty good start to my Jimmy Howard collection, at least in my mind, I thought I would dedicate a post to Jimmy Howard the goaltender and why I decided to start collecting his cards in the first place.

As far as choosing to collect Howard, I'll let some of his work do the talking. The first is just a great compilation and the other two are some of my favorite moments from last season.

Gotta love Jimmy going at it with Crosby. I think that little incident is one of the reasons a lot more people here in Detroit became Howard supporters this past season. Other than Jimmy being the starting goalie for my team, I think it's great than an he's American-born goalie that went the NCAA route to the NHL, plus he's got a really cool mask.

Then there's my whole fascination with goalies and goalie cards in general, so Howard fit perfectly with the direction I've taken my collection lately. The other cool thing is that his cards aren't all that expensive, compared to some of the other rookies in his class.

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  1. Jimmy Howard is from a town that is about 40 minutes north of me. I work in the sports department of a newspaper and he's always been cooperative with us. In fact we just did a story on him this month and he was super easy to get ahold of (hockey players are so great in this respect).

    I've never talked to him myself. I did cover his father who coached high school hockey. He went absolutely ape-shit during a game, which fueled an all-out brawl involving fans at the end of the game. Good times.