Thursday, April 22, 2010

Box Break: 1995-96 Pinnacle

This is my first foray into breaking boxes in at least four years now. Part of the reason I was looking for boxes at the card show last weekend was this blog. Sharing my breaks give me that much more enjoyment out of breaking packs and now boxes.

This was the first of the two sealed boxes I picked up at the show. I saw it marked for only $15 and couldn't pass on it. I was looking for some mid to late 90's boxes and this one fit that requirement perfectly. Time to see what was inside.

The Numbers:
Cost: $15
Packs: 24
Cards per Pack: 12
Total Cards: 288
Base Set Completion: 97% (219 of 225) 
Duplicates: 63

The base cards for this set are pretty simple. They are either vertical or sideways with the gold foil hockey stick and player name on the bottom and gold Pinnalce logo at the top. There was a nice variety of photography in this set, some was great and some was not so great, but overall it was good. My favorite would have to be this one of Olaf Kolzig.

Rink Collection Parallel:
There are not many inserts in this set and there are two levels of parallels: Rink Collection and Artist's Proofs. I got six Rink Collections and no Artist's Proofs. The only difference between the Rink Collection and the base cards is the reflective effect added to the front of the cards and the Rink Collection logo on the back. These cards are pretty sharp in person.

Roaring Twenties:
Finally, my best pull from this box is part of the Roaring Twenties insert set. I was hoping to pull a Mask insert, but the odds were not very good. I'm happy with this one though as it is another sharp looking insert, which doesn't want to scan very well. 

Overall I was very satisfied with this box. I got a good chunk of the base set without too many duplicates. There were only three insert sets and two parallel sets, which isn't bad considering these cards are 15 years old now.

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