Monday, March 15, 2010

My Picks # 12: Pavel Datsyuk

This pick is a 2001-02 BAP Memorabilia Ruby Pavel Datsyuk. Technically this would be considered a RC, but I'm not exactly sure what the expo stamp does to the value. I picked it up at a local card show a few years back for only a couple bucks, not bad if you ask me.

One of the things I like about this card, besides the fact that it is Pavel Datsyuk, is the 10/10 stamp. Even though the stamp is not an official serial number from the manufacturer, it's the lowest numbered card in my collection.

The basic design of the card is pretty sharp in my mind. The only part of it that doesn't work very well would be the vertical squares on the left side. It's doesn't line up very well with the spacing of the Be a Player text.

The action image works for the card, although it may have been better if they found an image without an opposing players stick. Also, the stamp would have been better placed somewhere in the white space rather than directly over the darker colored skate.

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