Friday, August 18, 2017

Dominik Hasek: Card Show Pickups

Dominik Hasek was my favorite player when I was a young kid back in the 90's. I've always been on the lookout for his cards, but he was never my main PC guy like Jimmy Howard. That is still the case, but I do like to grab cards of his when the price is right, or if something just catches my eye like the first one I have to show today.

This Hasek card comes from 1995-96 Leaf Limited. I remember having just a couple of these cards as a kid and I thought they were the coolest thing. Even today, they still look great. They are even better looking in person when the light hits the background.

This next one is from a set I've never seen before. I am familiar with the base 2001-02 Topps design, I mean who could forget that obnoxious blue design, but not this particular version of it. This is slightly different with a rainbow finish and the 2002 All Star Game logo added to the front. Apparently it is part of a special six card set from Topps.

Sometimes I forget that Hasek spent some time in Ottawa. This Fleer Ultra card is a good reminder of that and has a nice overall look to it. The gold tinted background, for the Gold Medallion parallel, helps the player image really stand out.

Here's one from 2007-08 Upper Deck. It is part of the Clutch Performers set and has a nice action shot of Hasek from that season. While I like the mask design he went with that year, the one he had from 2001-02 when they won the Cup will always be one of my favorites.

This next one from the 1998-99 SPx Lasting Impressions set is pretty neat, although it did not scan the greatest. It has a giant gold foil impression toward the bottom and the entire card has a silver foil finish. Its pretty thick too so it feels like a premium card.

Here's another card that did not scan all that well. It comes from the 1999-00 Upper Deck Headed for the Hall set. They we're definitely right with their prediction of Hasek going into the Hall of Fame. He was inducted back in 2014 along with Forsberg, Blake and Modano.

This next one caught my eye when I was sorting through one of the $1 boxes. It comes from the 2000-01 UD Reserve Big Ticket set. I always like cards showing Hasek in this particular Sabres jersey so this was a nice add to the collection.

Finally we have an interesting die-cut card from the 90's. This one comes from the 1996-97 Upper Deck 3 Star Selects set. It is cut so it can be paired up with two other cards. It's a neat idea, but I would be worried about keeping all the cut corners in good shape.

So that's eight new additions to my Dominator collection. I'm hoping none of these are actually duplicates, but its been so long since I went through everything of his to know what I do and don't already have. One of these days I'll have to see what I do have and come up with an accurate total.


  1. Hasek has some of the best cards I've always been a fan.

  2. Great stuff. I started following hockey and collecting hockey cards in the early 90's when the Sharks entered the league... which was just around the same time Hasek came onto the scene and started dominating the decade. I can't think of another goalie who was better during the 90's.

  3. Please keep sharing more Hasek cards. He was one of my favorites as a teen. He wasn't my favorite player (Roenick) or goalie (Belfour), but he was probably #3 and 2 respectively.

    I agree with you on the first card, scans do it no justice. I had that card recently, until I started purging most of my modern cards.

  4. Great cards buddy! I'll be sure to keep my eye out on any Hasek cards next time I head to the flea market! Keep up the posting, love reading your stuff.

    1. Thanks man. I've got plenty of other great 90's cards to trade for any new Hasek stuff.