Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pack Break: 2015-16 Artifacts

This is the last pack from my Target value box and the first pack of 2015-16 that I've opened. This was the pack visible through the outside of the box. Its nice that they featured Pavel Datsyuk again even though he hasn't been all that dominant of a player the last couple years. He's actually been on the front of quite a few packs over the years.

There were only five cards in this one and they all happened to be base cards. Nothing wrong with that as Artifacts usually has a nice looking design. I hadn't seen this one before now and I have to say I kind of like it. The foil logos in the middle look great and the overall color scheme is neutral enough to work with any teams colors. The only thing I would change is the white background toward the bottom of the card. It would look nicer with anything other than plain white.

None of these fit into any of my collecting projects, so they're all available if anyone is interested. For now they will just go into the traders box with everything else. I've got one 'pack' left to show from the value box, that being the 50-card mix they throw in with the four packs. As expected there wasn't anything great in it, but I will still show it off just for the variety of cards that you can find in those things.

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