Friday, May 20, 2016

Masks: Card Show Pickups

So I went to a card show last weekend for the first time since July of 2014. It was nice to get back out to one and search through the quarter and dollar boxes. I always seem to find something I like from those sellers. This time was no different and I actually only bought from these boxes, I didn't pick up any singles, packs, boxes or anything like that. 

I found cards for several of my projects, but my favorites are definitely the mask cards. I haven't seen many of these in the cheap boxes before so I grabbed all of the ones that were in good shape. Its too bad a few of them had some rough corners otherwise I would've had at least five more and a few other sets represented. 

The first one and my favorite of the bunch is this Martin Brodeur from the 1997-98 version of Pinnacle. This is one of the best looking Masks sets if you ask me. It looks good in the scan, but looks way better in person. Definitely a great find in the 6 for $10 box.

Up next is one from 1993-94 Pinnacle. I've never actually seen any cards from this specific set in person, so it was nice to finally see and grab some of them. This one features Peter Sidorkiewicz of the Devils, although his card still has his sweet looking Senators mask.

 Then there was Dominic Roussel of the Flyers and another awesome 90's mask.

And then there was Stephane Fiset of the Nordiques and an even cooler 90's mask.

The next three come from The Mask II that was included in 2002-03 Between The Pipes. While not as cool as the original 90's versions, this is one of the better looking Masks sets from ITG. Up first is one of the best Red Wings masks ever with Curtis Joesph.

The next one was Patrick Roy and the end of my 6 for $10 run of masks.

Out of the 12 for $10 box was this JS Giguere.

The next two also came from the 12 for $10 box, but are not nearly as cool as the cards above. They come from 2011-12 Between the Pipes and the Masked Men 4 insert set. The first one is Chris Mason of the Jets.

The second was James Reimer of the Maple Leafs.

Even though those two are not the same as the original Masks cards, they are still part of a great set for a goalie collector like me, so I will keep going after these too. These nine definitely help boost my masks collection overall, but I still have a long ways to go before I can complete some of these sets. 


  1. Quarter and dollar boxes are my favorite boxes to dig through at shows. You sure snagged some great deals on those Pinnacle Mask cards. They still command decent money for a 20 year old set. Great finds!

    1. Thanks! I was surprised to see so many for such a good price. I looked on eBay and most of them are listed for at least a few bucks a piece.

  2. Wow!! Those are fantastic pickups for the price. Nicely done.

    Mask cards rule. Just sayin'.

  3. Thanks! I'm really happy about getting the Brodeur and Roy this cheap. I would think those two would be on the higher end of the cards I got.