Monday, April 11, 2016

Jimmy Howard: Masks

It's been way too long since I posted on here. I've been away from collecting cards for a while now, but have started to think about buying some again recently. With playoff hockey just around the corner, I've found myself much more into following the Red Wings. That has gotten me back onto eBay and what not looking for some cool new stuff for my collection. While I don't have anything to show just yet, I thought I would catch up on posting Jimmy Howard's masks that I've missed during my latest card blogging hiatus. 

Up first is Jimmy's current mask and probably my favorite of his so far. I would even go as far as saying this is in my top three Red Wings masks of all time. As usual, this one was custom painted by Ray Bishop and looks amazing. The lion isn't something we've seen on many Wings masks. It kind of reminds me a little of CuJo's mask from his time in Detroit. Click here for an excellent write up on this mask from InGoal Magazine.

Jimmy's 2015-16 regular season mask.
Up next is Jimmy's 2016 Stadium Series mask, also done by Ray Bishop. While Howard did not end up playing in that game, he still had this painted and I have to say it looks pretty good. I like the pin striping and how the stitches of the baseball are worked into the design. Also, the new "D" logo they came up with for the Stadium Series looks great on the top. Click here for the write up from InGoal Magazine.

Jimmy's 2016 Stadium Series mask.
Continuing with the Bishop designed masks, this next one is Howard's primary mask from the 2014-15 season. It is a pretty simple design overall with the Wings logo on either side and the "D" shield logo on top. It's not my favorite of his, but still pretty nice.  Click here for the InGoal write up for more information.

Jimmy's 2014-15 regular season mask.
Last season Jimmy also sported a pink mask for Hockey Fights Cancer. It is bascially the same as his regular mask with the two large Wings logos on either side and the "D" on top, although this time on a ribbon instead of a shield. Howard even went with matching equipment for this mask. Click here for another great read from InGoal Magazine.

Jimmy's 2014-15 Hockey Fights Cancer mask.
Getting back to the current season, Howard and Petr Mrazek both had special masks painted for Military Appreciation Night. This mask was painted by Jason Livery of Head Strong Grafx. I really like this mask and I'm hoping it will get onto a card or two for Howard so I can add it to my Goaltending Gallimaufry project. Click here for a quick article from The Hockey News about this mask. 

Jimmy's Military Appreciation Night mask for 2015-16.

Lastly we have Jimmy's cancer awareness mask from this season. This one was painted by Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush. Click here for link to a post over at I Love Goalies! for a better look at this one along with some in game photos. This one is pretty cool with the chrome wheels on either side and the flames on top.

Jimmy's cancer awareness mask for 2015-16.
All this talk of masks has got me wanting to start searching for more Howard cards and definitely some Gallimaufry candidates. I know there are a few out there with these special occasion type masks. Now i just need to actually get other there and pick up some new cards for the first time in almost a year.


  1. Hey Paul.

    Good to see a post from you. Hope all is well.

    Jimmy always has nice masks but I'm drawn to his backplates. They're always elaborate and eye catching.

    Enjoy the playoffs.