Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pack Break: 2014-15 Upper Deck MVP

The last time I bought a pack of cards was well over a year ago. I've kind of forgotten what it was even like to open one at this point, so it was nice to finally get one after all this time. The other day I was at Target and wandered down the card aisle on my way out. I happened to see packs of 2014-15 MVP for just $0.99 so I figured why not? 

Here's a look at what I got:

Nothing spectacular, but not a bad pack overall. I really just bought it to get a feel for the design of the set. The base cards are decent, but are lacking a bit by not having any type of foil on them. That is something I always associate with the MVP sets I collected in the late 90's. The silver scripts are a good example of what I mean. Back then, the base cards would've used bronze foil for the logo and trim. 

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