Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Patrik Stefan: 2000-01 UD Vintage

Rather than going with all of my Hasek updates back to back, I thought I would change things up for tonight. There was also one lone Patrik Stefan card in the box of stuff I received from My Hockey Card Obsession recently. This part of my collection has kind of taken a back seat lately, but I haven't forgotten about it, so this is a welcome addition.

This one comes from 2000-01 UD Vintage. If I remember correctly, this one was a total rip off of Topps Heritage, which came out much earlier. Let me know if I'm wrong on this though, that was quite a long time ago at this point. Anyway, here 's the card:

Even though this is an extremely simple design, I like it for some reason, just not as much as Topps Heritage. I really like how the picture pops off the white background, especially with the darker blue of the Thrashers uniforms. And you have to love the look on Stefan's face, not sure if they just scored or what.


  1. UD Vintage came out first that year, I believe.

    1. Ok, thanks! I wasn't 100% sure which was first, maybe I just happened to see Heritage before seeing UD Vintage.