Friday, April 5, 2013

Dominik Hasek: New Additions (Part 4)

Time for the last of the four updates to my Dominik Hasek collection, which is now my largest of my three player collections. Like the previous two posts, this one has nine new cards beceasuse that's the number that fits the best with my scanner. There is a nice mix of base cards, mostly from the mid-90's. 

Up first we have one from 2000-01 UD Heroes. I don;t know a whole lot about this set other than that I have a bunch of other base cards from it. I like this one because its another great example how a player can be isolated in the picture on the front of a card.

Here is the first of a few mid-90's base cards, coming from 1994-95 Leaf, although that's kind of hard to tell from the scan as the front of the card doesn't mention the year. I like the way the picture on this one captures Hasek presumably looking through a screen in front.

This one also comes from a Leaf set, this time one year newer from 1995-96. If I had to choose, I'd go with the previous version just because there is less stuff covering up the picture. This one does have a cool shot of the puck in mid-air though.

Another one from the mid-90's comes from 1994-95 Topps Stadium Club. I remember having a ton of these things as a kid, so it's kind of cool to have another one that means something to one of my current PC projects.

This one is from the same set, it just has a different picture and the "trophy winners" stamp in the lower right corner. The back of the card has a nice picture of Hasek at the 1994 NHL awards in a tuxedo standing next to his Vezina and Jennings trophies.

The next one comes from the 1996-97 version of Leaf and is a great example of how bad cards can look when a team changes uniforms and cards are produced using the new colors and old pictures. This would look so much better with a blue fade on the bottom.

This is becoming a really Leafy post, isn't it? This one comes from the 1997-98 version and looks much better with the logo on the card matching the logo on the uniforms. Other than a Boston Bruin taking up a good chunk of the picture, this is a really cool card.

The next two are both from 2006-07 Between the Pipes, specifically the Tandems portion of the main set, something that I haven't even seen before, so that's cool. This one highlights Hasek's time alongside Grant Fuhr during the 1999-93 and 1993-94 seasons.

This one features Hasek and former Blackhawk Ed Belfour. In the case of this tandem, Hasek was primarily in the backup role, but the two got the Hawks all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1991-92. The back of the card also points out that the two went on to face one another in the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals.

That's it for the Hasek additions. Now it's on to my newest Red Wings, a few cards for my Duplicity project, and a ton of great stuff for my Gallimaufry project. I've got a lot of it scanned, now I just need to work on the posts. Stay tuned for those updates.

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  1. Hi! Nice Hasek-collection! Do you also buy cards? I have about 25-30 Hasek-cards from the mid-90s. One with a wooden front and plastic backside.