Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gold Script Update

Just when I thought my Super Script total might eclipse that of the less rare Gold Scripts, I came across a deal on eBay that would change that. I was at the point where I had 51 Golds and 48 Supers, the closest those two have been since I decided to start going after both. I can't complain though, as I was able to knock off a good chunk of the want list thanks to one seller on eBay, who I've acutally bought quite a few things from now. 

That seller simultaneously listed eight Gold Scripts and I happened to notice it toward the beginning of the auction. Like I usually do, I threw up a placeholder $0.99 bid on each of the eight cards (including one I already had by mistake) and hoped for the best. I lucked out and no one else bid on any of them so I scored a great deal with the combined shipping. 

The first of the eight is this Ivan Novoseltsev numbered 023/100:

The second was this Filip Kuba numbered 014/100: 

The third was this Drake Berehowsky numbered 037/100:

 The fourth was this Shaun Van Allen numbered 046/100:

The fifth was this Darius Kasparaitis numbered 030/100:

The sixth was this Alyn McCauley numbered 071/100:

 The seventh was this Brad May numbered 017/100:

And the eighth was this Justin Papineau numbered 081/100:

So there you have it, $14 well spent if you ask me. I just wish I had noticed that I already had a copy of the Novoseltsev before I bid on this one. Oh well, maybe I can flip it for another Gold Script or something one of these days. The seven new ones above bring my Gold Script total to 58 out of 220. While that doesn't sound like much, it is actually past the 25% mark, so that's kind of cool.

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