Sunday, February 3, 2013

Red Wings PC: A Little Organization

If you haven't already noticed, one of the sections of my PC project tracker has read "TBD" for the totals for the longest time. That one would be my Detroit Red Wings collection. I've been meaning to go through that portion of my collection to get a running total, but have just never actually sat down to do it. Since I'm not watching the Super Bowl tonight, I thought I would get the process started by going through all the base cards.

Up until today, my Wings collection has been split between one binder, a section of a monster box in my closet, and another row of a monster box in my desk drawer. I've decided to organize it into the following categories: base/rookies, inserts/parallels, autos/memorabilia, and miscellaneous. Beyond that I plan on putting all of the base and rookies into their own binder in chronological order. Then I would have another binder for inserts and parallels along with the miscellaneous stuff. Finally, I just plan on keeping my autos and memorabilia stuff in top loaders. 

As of writing this post, I've gotten all of my base and rookies accounted for from 1979-80 through 1997-98. In doing this I have also accumulated a great deal of extras, which is what's filling up the 800 ct box in the picture. Anyone want 300 dupes from 91-92 Score?

What do you guys out there with team collections do about organizing them? Binders seem to be the easiest way to store base cards while still being able to easily look at them all, but I'm interested to see what other things people do with their teams.


  1. Hello!

    I've been working on the organization of my hockey collection since this fall. My strategy is Team/Year/Series/Player in alphabetical order. When I find a "forgotten card", it's a pain in the rear end to move many, many cards one pocket to the right in many, many pages...

    Actually I'm doing the 1991-92 season. When I'll get in the "other-than-base" cards, I might add the rainbow then the retro version right after the base card of a player.

    The exception if for my team, the Canadiens, where the rainbow and retro cards will be put in separate "sets" - all the base cards, then all the rainbow, then all the retros.


    The exception

    1. I do the Team/Year/Series thing for all of my teams organized in binders and just throw them in whatever order I find them in. And I hear you on the "forgotten cards" as I ran into that several times today having o shift the first and last card of a bunch of sets just to make room.

  2. For my Blackhawks PC I keep my cards in 2 books.

    1 Book for a team set cards from different brands and different years.

    Another book of base cards that is a player book that has cards from the greats to current players (Belfour Chelios-Kane Hossa) (Toews is in a small PC book)

    The other team books go by team set/players/and random base.

    1. Interesting way to divide things up within one team. I never thought about keeping a Wings book organized by player. I just go with the year/series organization in chronological order.

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  4. I have 4 binders containing all my non GU/AUTO Canucks cards. I have them organized Year/Set/Card #. At the beginning of each year I slip a piece of paper the size of the card into the first slot and write the year down. Then for each year I create a new 9 card holder and so on and on. It's works fairly well and there really is no better way to display cards than 9 card holders in a binder! I'm closing down on the big 3000 for my Canucks cards!

    Good luck!

  5. I have my early Redskins in a binder because they're aren't so many of them and I have a comprehensive list. The rest are in these old 30 slot card locker cases. I need a couple more for the last few years..$%28KGrHqZHJEUFBggwK%28kmBQlwZ5T5Zg~~60_35.JPG