Monday, October 22, 2012

Jimmy Howard: Zenith White Hot

I believe I mentioned this in some of my previous Howard show and tell posts, but I've only really been on the lookout for stuff that I would consider to be a "steal" on eBay. Sometimes that means getting a card with just a single bid of $0.99, while other times like here I just couldn't resist based on the final price of the auction. 

As you can tell by the title above, this one is from the 2010-11 Zenith set from Panini. In that set there were "red hot" and "white hot" parallels. The reds were non-serial numbered and the whites were numbered to just 25 copies. Obviously, I have the white now, but the surprising thing was the auction ending at just $1.55 before shipping.

While this thing does not scan well at all, it's a pretty sweet looking card. The only bad thing about it is a slight ding in the lower left hand corner, but I won't complain because this thing only cost me a few bucks and is numbered 20/25. On the plus side, this is only like the third one of these I've seen pop up on eBay since this set came out.


  1. That is an amazing price!

    Those are RARE! I've seen just one copy of the Linden and it went for over $40.

    That product just didn't get busted a you know there's less than 25 of those running around.

    Great card!

    1. Yeah I was kind of surprised when I looked on eBay and saw a bunch of these things listed for BIN's more than $20, even for some of the more marginal players.