Friday, October 26, 2012

Jimmy Howard: More Trade Pickups

One of the things I like about this hobby is getting to trade with fellow collectors. It's a good feeling when you know both sides of the deal benefited by getting rid of something they didn't want or need and coming away with something of interest. That said, I have another trade post to share, this time thanks to Michael over at Collecting for Kicks.

We had been going back and forth for a while on a deal that would send some Canucks cards his way and some Howard cards my way. Well, my end of the deal arrived in the mail the other day and I have two new additions to the Howard collection to show off.

The first was this base card from 2012-13 Score. It's the first card I've gotten for the new season and its got an excellent picture of Jimmy on the front. Other than that, the design of the card is pretty nice, other than the completely pointless "western conference" text at the bottom. I mean seriously, what was Panini thinking there? 

The second was this Pop Ups insert card from 2012-13 OPC. These are at least something different, although I wish they would actually pop up if that's what they are going to call them, am I right? Other than that I really like the retro look of these cards.

These may not be the most valuable cards in the world, but they are just as important to me as any other Howard card in the collection. Also on the plus side, these give me a start on the 2012-13 collecting season, and the best part is, they only cost me a few bucks for shipping off some cards I no longer needed. Thanks again Michael!


  1. Nice cards.

    Now I've mentioned this to Captain do realize that you COULD pop up that Howard if you REALLY wanted to.

    The choice is yours.


    1. You've got a point there. Maybe I'll have to get another one and try it out ;)

  2. You got the Hossa as well right? I'm just second guessing myself here, I hope I put that in! Let me know, cuz if not ill have to do some digging for it :/

    1. Yep, no worries. It just didn't really fit into any of my post categories, so I never scanned it in.