Monday, July 16, 2012

Super Script Update

Good things come in pairs, well at least in this case they do. In my previous post I showed off another Gold Script from my MVP Stanley Cup Edition master set. Today I have another addition to the rarer Super Script set, specifically from the CHL portion of the main set.

This one I picked up as part of a trade with another SCF member. I received this and a few of the inserts I needed in exchange for an extra Gold Script I had laying around and some cash.

This one gives me 28 out of a possible 220 for the set, or about 13 percent. It is also on the second CHL Super Script I've added to the collection, as these seem to be a bit harder to come by than the rest of the set.

As far as the player actually featured as a prospect on this card, Branislav Mezei, he went on to play 205 NHL games after being drafted 10th overall by the New York Islanders in 1999. In those 205 games between New York and Florida, he racked up just 5 goals and 19 assists.

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