Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Metal Universe Update

I'm getting closer and closer to completing the base set for this project now. Today's post comes from another trade I set up through SCF. It was actually a base for base swap, specifically just within this set, so it was kind of cool to help someone else out with the same set by getting rid of some of the extras from my box break. 

I sent three cards his way and got these four in return.

Out of this group, I have to say the Janney is probably my favorite. The Alfredsson and Bure and prett nice, and the Roenick is the same exact design as the Bertuzzi I showed off from the box break. Too bad the scans don't show how nice these cards really look. 

These four bring my base set total to 195 out of 200. I can see the light at the end of the base set tunnel now. Hopefully these last five don't take me too long to track down. I should be getting at least two of them here soon, so that just leaves me with three.

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  1. Hey Paul, I just pulled the base of Jimmy Howard from the Rookie Anthology set and will include that in my package for our trade. Just shoot me an e-mail about what others you wanted from that list I sent you. Thanks!