Saturday, July 7, 2012

Box Break: 1996-97 Metal Universe

Finally, after a few years of searching, I was able to track down an unopened hobby box of this stuff. I may have overpaid a little bit at $34 plus shipping from eBay, but that's perfectly fine with me. They are almost impossible to come by and it helped me knock most of the base set off my want list. Now I only need a handful of cards to finish it. 

There were 24 packs in the box with 8 cards per pack, so not too bad of a deal for the $34 I mentioned earlier. That works out to just under $1.50 per pack. Given the rarity of these boxes and the age of the product, I'd say that's pretty reasonable, wouldn't you?

Here's nine of my favorite base cards from the box:

How can anyone not love this set? There are so many different designs that you have to go through about 50 cards or so to find one that repeats itself. I just wish they scanned a little bit better, these things look so much better in hand.

Lethal Weapons:
While I didn't get any of the Armor Plate cards I was hoping for, I did manage to pull two of the Lethal Weapons inserts: Mark Messier and Keith Tkachuk. 

Other than these two I was just glad to get both of the checklists cards from the box, because I need them to complete the set and people tend to not have random checklist cards for sale or trade. Overall though, I really enjoyed this box. A lot of the guys in this set were in the prime of their careers back in the 90's when I was just getting into hockey and collecting, so that's kind of neat. 


  1. Nice post.
    I was also a big fan of this set back in the day.

  2. Oh snap! I was about to send you 9 cards from this set. But you got 8 of them in your box.

    I have this one for you, though: #26 - Zhamnov

    I don't suppose you have a few wrappers I could have? And when I rebuild the "Wrapper Archive" on Puck Junk, is it OK if I use your box scan?

    1. I did actually keep two of the wrappers, so you can definitely have one of them. Also go ahead and use the box scan. Do you want me to scan the back or sides of it for you too?

    2. No need to scan the sides of the wax box, but thanks for asking. I'm not that obsessive. I'll gladly take a wrapper off your hands. No need to rush...the Wrapper Gallery is down until I can make it "work" with WordPress. I'll get that Zhamnov out in the mail on Monday.

  3. What cards are you looking for?

    1. Here's what I still need:

      #196 | Landon Wilson | Colorado Avalanche
      #160 | Esa Tikkanen | Vancouver Canucks
      #155 | Pavel Bure | Vancouver Canucks
      #129 | Petr Nedved | Pittsburgh Penguins
      #123 | Oleg Tverdovsky | Phoenix Coyotes
      #121 | Jeremy Roenick | Phoenix Coyotes
      #117 | Craig Janney | Phoenix Coyotes
      #103 | Daniel Alfredsson | Ottawa Senators
      #41 | Andy Moog | Dallas Stars

      I saw your post on needing some 11-12 Score, I've got some if you would be up for a base card swap. Let me know.