Monday, April 23, 2012

Jimmy Howard: Black Diamond Dual Jersey

Guess it's back to everyday life after my team was eliminated by the Predators over the weekend. Can't win every year, right? At least I'm not alone as the other three teams I despise (Vancouver, San Jose, and Pittsburgh) were all ousted as well. And at least the Wings were the fifth seed and not expected to do as much as say, the Pens or Canucks.

On the collection front however, I had a great weekend getting three separate packages from eBay purchases all on Friday. One of them contained this beauty of a jersey card from 2011-12 Black Diamond. I've seen tons of these on eBay, but never wanted to pay more than $5, so when this one popped up with a BIN for $1.99 I had to go for it.

The only thing I don't like about the card is the slight crease above the upper jersey swatch window. You can see it as a dark line running from the point of the octagon to the top edge of the card. Oh well, it's not worth the hassle going back and forth with the seller over a small blemish on an otherwise nice card.

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