Friday, March 9, 2012

Thoughts: I've Gone to the Dark Side...

...relatively speaking. I'm talking about what I've always considered the dark side of social media, Twitter. As long as it has been around I've thought it was a dumb idea and never really understood why people used it. Now that I've been strapped for time when it comes to the blog here lately, a Twitter page was a good alternative for sharing quick thoughts here and there or really cool eBay finds, rather than writing an entire blog post. 
So if you're already on the Twitter, look for me @CardBoarded or if you're new to it and have no idea what its about, click here to go directly to my page.
What do you guys think about using Twitter when it comes to the hobby? UD and Panini are in on it already and it's actually a nice way to get the most up to date information.


  1. I swore off Twitter until I started my business. It's been a helpful tool in regards to that, but it's also been kind of a cool way to keep up with my favorite players that tweet.

  2. I think Twitter can be a very useful tool when it comes to the hobby. Everything is very instantaneous these days and having a vehicle like Twitter on your side can be helpful.

    That said, I have not embraced it myself.......yet. I'm not on Facebook or upload to YouTube either. So my take on social media might not be the best.

    Blogging is as 'dark side' as I get.

  3. I love twitter but it's more personal for me not into sharing my hobby on it. I feel like I need more than 140 characters to describe a box break or something ;)