Monday, March 12, 2012

Jimmy Howard: More Trade Pickups

There's nothing better than picking up cards you need through trading because other than the small cost of shipping, you get something you want in return for something you don't want or need. The best part is both parties involved get something out of it and more cards find a home in a collection where they will actually be enjoyed. 

Today I have another trade post to share, this time from Brad over at Cards from the Crease. He and I worked out a deal that involved him sending some Jimmy Howard stuff my way and me sending some Paul Kariya stuff his way. Both of us got rid of stuff we didn't need and got stuff we did need, win win, right?

Anyway, the first one and my favorite of the bunch was this base card from 2011-12 Black Diamond. The BD designs are always hit and miss with me, sometimes I like them, sometimes I don't. The thing that puts this one on the good side is the little bit of red trim that goes perfectly with the Wings' jerseys.

The second was this one from 2011-12 Certified. I think this is definitely an upgrade over last year's design, especially the added ice texture fading down from the top of the card. I also like how the Certified logo is on the bottom with everything else, leaving the top completely open to focus on the picture.

The third was this one from 2011-12 Score. While I don't mind the direction Panini went with the design of Score this year, I can't really love this card because it has the exact same image as the UD base card, which I have two of now. Oh well, what can you do?

In addition to these three, there was also a Howard sticker from this year's Panini NHL sticker set. Now I've got one from this season and last season. There were also a couple of other nice Wings cards of Pavel Datsyuk and Chris Osgood. Thanks again Brad!

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