Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jimmy Howard: Dominion Jersey

Lately I've been trying to cut back a little further on my eBay spending by only looking for really great deals that are hard to pass up. That usually means placing an opening bid of $0.99 and if I win great, it not no big deal. This latest pickup has been the most surprising that I've done that with. 

I was sure this one would not end with just one bid, but sure enough it did and now I can knock off another one of the many parallel versions from this set. At this point I'm not sure how many there are with all the jersey, prime patches, autos and what not. All I know is they all use the exact same design, only changing the foil color and the cutout window.

Let's look at what this card would've effectively cost someone when it was pulled. Assuming the current retail price of a box of Dominion to be around $275, if you divide the cost of eight cards evenly, that's $34.38 per card. Given that this is probably one of the "hits" you can probably bump that up a bit knowing the base cards aren't worth as much.

I ended up paying $0.99 for this card, plus $3.00 for shipping. For a player collector like me, I love that this product has so little value, but the rest of the collecting world may look at it differently. What do you guys think? To put things further into perspective, I only paid a few more dollars for the nameplate version of this card numbered to just 25 copies.


  1. Great looking card to add to your PC for under a buck, congrats on the win.

  2. ps. You might want to change the link on the sidebar to your Howard collection as it doesn't work and the website is under a different URL.

    1. Hey thanks for the heads up. I was in the process of switching to the new webs account and forgot to change that link.

  3. Nice pickup, and a great price! Love me some Dominion....it's actually become a Dominion fetish as I want every Getzlaf haha.

  4. That's an awesome pick up for a buck! Everytime I think of Jimmy I think of how he called my Nucks "idiots"...but I still respect him and think he's one of the top goalies in the league. I just hope the Wings and Canucks will meet in the play-offs this year! What a series that would be eh?