Monday, February 27, 2012

Gold Script Update

As often as I can, I try to buy the cards for this and other sets like it in lots to save on shipping costs. This time I was able to pick up six out of seven from a particular seller on eBay. Doing that saved me $2.50 shipping on five of the six cards, so in the end I only paid $5.94 for the six cards plus $4.25 for shipping them.

Anyway, the first is this Patric Kjellberg numbered 017/100. Its got a standard full body action shot of Kjellberg skating up the ice in his home white Predators jersey. I like that he's the only player you can see as it makes him stand out a bit better.

Then there is this Michal Sivek numbered 012/100. This is another one of the CHL prospects subset cards, which all have a silver foil CHL logo in place of the facsimile signature. The picture is neat on this one because the Milan Kraft has the other half of the picture.

The next one is this Tommy Westlund numbered 064/100. This is another one with a nice full body action shot making for a much better overall look. As far as the facsimile auto, it's a bit better looking than the Kjellberg, but still not what you would consider a great sig. 

Then there was this Blair Atcheynum numbered 054/100. This is one of the cards where the photo is a bit crowded as you've got players in the foreground and background taking away from the player actually being featured on the card.

The next one was this Aaron Miller numbered 079/100. Back to the nice full body action shot here, plus you can see the puck on Miller's stick so that's kind of neat. Again not a great looking signature, but it's still one to cross off the want list so I'll take it.

Finally there was this Garry Galley numbered 064/100, which looks great next to it's Super Script counterpart. Now I just need the Silver Script Galley (same goes for Joe Thornton) and I'll have another rainbow for the collection.

These six bring the Gold Script total to 42 out of 220. This puts me just under the 20% mark for the Golds. Pretty decent progress for such an old set if you ask me. The hard part is going to be getting some of the bigger name players (i.e. Yzerman, Roy, etc) as a lot of these cards are locked up in current player collections.


  1. Did a quick eBay search and wowza; these cards aren't cheap - that Milan Kraft that you mentioned is listed as 'buy it now' for a hefty $45.00

  2. Great pickups. Always nice when you can bundle some cards together and save on shipping.