Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jimmy Howard: An Ultimate Mailday

Well, it looks like I've got another first for my Howard collection. This time, as you probably deduced from the title, I've ventured into Ultimate Memorabilia territory for the first time. More specifically, I've made my first addition from the 10th edition of the product, from 2010-11, in the form of an Ultimate Autograph numbered to just 24 copies. 

Normally I look at box/pack breaks of this stuff on the forums and don't care for a lot of the designs, but this one is different. I like it. I really like the nice closeup showing Jimmy's mask as well as the simple, non-obnoxious color scheme and overall layout of the card. I also like how they worked in the giant "X" behind the player number and team text, to coincide with this being the 10th edition. 

Now, I've got two minor issues with this card. First, it seems as though Jimmy's signature is interrupted by the edge of the cutout window. You'd think they could bring the edges of the sticker and the cutout window a bit closer together. I would understand if the auto went outside the edge of the sticker to begin with, but here that doesn't seem to be the case. 

On a side note, it's kind of funny that the auto has his number 33 from Grand Rapids, rather then the 35 that's printed on the card and part of the picture on the card, as he's always worn 35 with the Wings. 

The second is actually on the back of the card. To me it looks like it was printed kind of off center, but maybe it's supposed to be that way, I haven't really seen any other card backs from this set to be able to compare the two. Here, take a look:

Other than that, I'm thrilled to have this card in my collection, as it still is an auto numbered less than 25. Oh, almost forgot to mention this, but I ended up getting it for just $14 on the bay. Is that a good deal, or what? If not, let me know because I don't really have a sense for what these things usually sell for. 

Finally. a question for you ITG collectors out there: how do you store these slabbed cards? This thing is a bit wider than the one-touches and top-loaders I store in my standard monster boxes, so I don't really know what to do with it. Are there boxes with wider slots out there to accommodate these things?

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  1. there are specific "monster" boxes for graded cards, both one row and dual row models. Also, Ultra Pro make "pages" to hold graded cards. But so far only pages for Beckett and PSA brand slabs. I don't believe ITG slabs fir either of those, but they might.