Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Picks # 71: Trevor Kidd

I think I've done one or two picks like this before, the reason I chose it again being a nice closeup of another goalie mask, of course. This one is from 1995-96 Score featuring Trevor Kidd of the Calgary Flames.


First, lets look at the mask. What goes better with the Flames than a fire breathing dragon on either side of the mask? Beyond that it's got his nickname "Kidder" on the chin written in a neat font. The white cage also works pretty well with this mask design.

Now let's look at the card itself. I remember getting a lot of these Score cards as a kid and I always liked the design for some reason. It's got a simple black and white outline that leaves plenty of room for the photo, always a good thing. I also like how they alternate the lower and upper case font on the team and player names.

Aside from some cool masks like this one, if there's one thing I will always remember Trevor Kidd for, it would have to be his checkered pads. Here's a look at what I'm talking about: 

It's probably not the best thing if the only reason I remember a goalie is his pads, but hey at least he's know for something, right? I always thought these were the coolest thing as a kid, as not a lot of goalies had this loud of a design on their pads. The best part is that he carried the design from Carolina to Florida to Toronto.


  1. I totally forget he was with the Leafs, granted those were forgettable times for all.

  2. I had no idea Kidd wore those flashy lookin pads! Cool.

    Aside from the Kidd pads, I use to love this set of Score .. but for the life of me cannot find any of them in my collection anymore!