Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughts: PWE's

Most people immediately think something bad when they hear PWE and cards in the same sentence, I know because usually I do the same thing. That said, with one of my recent ebay pickups, I found myself gladly accepting a PWE as the preferred method of shipping. 

Why did I not have a problem with it? The card in question cost me $1 on a BIN and the shipping cost me exactly $0. How can I complain about something that doesn't cost me a thing (keep in mind that the card did show up undamaged in a top loader wrapped in the ebay shipper)? 

Now, I'm not saying I would be ok with a PWE when I'm getting charged $3.50 or more for shipping. In that case I would be pretty upset, but this time I could care less as long as the card arrived in good shape. 

What are your thoughts? Are PWE's ok for a purchase like this?


  1. I'm fine with a PWE, until a seller forgets to tape the top of the hardcard and the relic shows up with a crease on it.

  2. I've come to the same conclusion as you. There still though has to be some measure of protection for the card. If it can still be sent in a PWE it's fine with me.

  3. Not a fan typically. However, if it is mailed with a top-loader and thin cardboard or at least a top-loader, the card can make it safe and sound. I bought a couple of cards and they came out alright with the PWE approach. But they used a team bag and top-loader to get the job done.

  4. Oh BTW, I love the changes to the site Paul! Might mean I will have to look at gussying up my site as well!

  5. I have sold a ton of single cards through eBay (id mecgsc) and have shipped many in a PWE. I always put them in a top loader, with tape across the top, in a team bag, and them secure them to a piece of light cardboard (cut up file folder usually). That and a nice large "Do Not Bend" has resulted in only one card damaged (out of hundreds shipped to Canada and US). It can be done, as long as its done right!

  6. If I didn't pay $3 for shipping, then I'm cool with a single card (or 2 max) being sent in a plain white envelope, so long as they are in toploaders.

    When I send someone a freebie, I put the card in a penny sleeve, then a rigid toploader (not the Card Saver-type), then a team bag, then taped to a letter-sized piece of paper. I've never had an issue with the card being damaged.