Friday, August 5, 2011

My Picks # 64: Sergei Fedorov

Growing up a Red Wings fan in the mid-90's (I really miss those days) means I have tons of base and insert cards of Red Wings from that time period. This next pick is just one of them that caught my attention when sorting through my Wings collection. 

This 'Ultra Cool' Sergei Fedorov comes from 94-95 Fleer Ultra, hence the 'Ultra Cool' set name. If it were from any other set, the name would be a lot more cheesy if you ask me.

Now 'Ultra Cool' is not the greatest name for an insert set, but hey what else could you expect from that era, as pretty much every other idea had been used on overproduced cards at some point during the 90's. 

Beyond the name, this card has a pretty interesting design. The first thing I notice is the layered images. Too bad they're both road jerseys as I believe a home/road combo would've looked much better and provided better contrast. In this case it's even worse because the two pictures are almost identical, except for the way Sergei is facing. 

The border around the pictures is a bit gaudy but it works here. All of the text is done in gold foil except for the 'Ultra Cool' text which is done in a glowing blueish color. 


  1. Cool card, don't have that one in my Fedorov collection yet.

  2. Don't you mean Ultra Cool??? ;)