Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Garage Sale Mystery Bag

Last time I showed off a simple 25-card grab bag that only cost $0.50. This time the bag was a bit bigger, contained more than just hockey cards, and cost a few dollars more. Here's what this one looked like:

As you can see, it's all baseball and hockey, which is fine with me. Any baseball cards I acquire like this simply go into the black hole I call my lower desk drawer, as I still have all the non-hockey cards from my first big garage sale pickup in there.

Anyway, onto what was in this one. This next picture will give you an idea of the proportions of both the baseball and hockey cards.

From the looks of it, there's more hockey than baseball, but that's deceiving as you'll see in a minute. Here's a look at the hockey cards that came out of the bag: 

There were probably 50 cards from 2003-04 SPx in the bag, so I'm guessing whoever had these must have busted a box at some point. That said, I love these cards. The design is pretty sharp and I like the hologram use this time around. As a plus, there was the Kovalev gold spectrum numbered /50 and the two lasting impressions inserts. 

In addition to the SPx, the bulk of the hockey was taken up by cards from 1995-96 Zenith (which are pretty thick, hence there being deceivingly more baseball). I really like this set too, as the players really pop from the background.

This is pretty much indicative of the miscellaneous junk that made up the rest of the hockey in the bag. Interestingly enough, there was an auto in there, albeit creased right through the middle. My favorite of the bunch is the Vipers card. It looks like a team issue set from the late 90's. If you've never heard of them, they were Detroit's IHL team from 1994-2001. It's kind of special for me because I remember going to a bunch of games at the Palace of Auburn Hills when I was a kid. 

That's pretty much it on the hockey side of things. When it comes to the baseball, I don't know much at all about the cards. These are some that just stuck out to me. 

Overall, it wasn't all that bad, except for the fact that because all of the cards were simply rubber banded and thrown into a bag, the corners were downright horrible on most of them. Oh well, that's ok as I'm not looking to sell these or anything.

What do you think, was it worth it for a few bucks? I do because when it comes to garage sales, you never know what you might stumble upon.

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  1. Totally worth it, the sheer joy of digging into something like this makes it worth a few bucks for me.