Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TTM Success: Ron Hextall

After just about two months with no responses, I've added two more signatures to my TTM goalie collection. I sent these two cards to Ron Hextall c/o the Los Angeles Kings back in May of last year.

Hextall is one of the better goaltenders in league history. He began his career with the Flyers back in 1986-97, appearing in 66 games going 37-21-6. He stayed with Philadelphia until 1991-92, after which he moved onto Quebec for a season then Long Island for a season.

He returned to the Flyers for the 1994-95 season and would go on to finish his playing career there. As a Red Wings fan, I will always remember his from the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals. And who could forget the two goals he scored?

Now onto the cards I sent. The first is from 1991-92 Pro Set featuring a nice shot of Hextall making a kick save.

The second is from 1997-98 Score. This one is the first of any of my TTM's to have something other than just a signature with the "Best Wishes" text, at least that's what I think it says. 

As far as the masks on these two cards, I would have to say I prefer the one from the Pro Set card, just because of the vibrant orange and white color scheme.

I have to say Hextall has one of the nicer signatures I've received so far with my latest round of TTM attempts. It's fairly readable and I really like how he uses the huge sweeping "R" at the beginning. 

Here's a little video tribute to both of Hextall's goals: 

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