Monday, February 14, 2011

Le Masque

I picked this card up from a quarter box at a card show a while back and thought I would show it off here. This hidden gem, featuring Patrick Roy's famous Montreal Canadiens mask, was buried within the 1991-92 edition of Pro Set.

The back of the card lists this one as number CC2. I'm not sure what that means, if anyone knows can they please explain it to me.

Pretty simple design here. I really like how the bleu, blanc et rouge stands out on the solid black background, unlike some of the more colorful backgrounds used for more recent mask cards. 

The back of the card, in English, reads as follows: 

"The battle-scarred facemask tells a compelling story - of 100-mile-an-hour slapshots that didn't make him blink, of flying elbows and swinging sticks that didn't make a difference on the scoreboard. 

If you look hard enough at this battle-scarred mask, you'll see the ghostly imprint of a pair of Vezina trophies, three Jenning's trophies and two Trico trophies as well as a Conn Smythe trophy for the playoff MVP in 1986.

You'll see a pair of first all-star team appearances and a second all-star selection. And most importantly, you'll see the shadowy image of a Stanley Cup victory - climax to his first full season in the NHL. And a fraction of an inch behind the mask, you'll find the face of Patrick Roy, Montreal Canadiens goaltender par excellence and a hockey card collector."

At the bottom, at least on the English version, it also says the mask was designed by G.K. in Detroit, Michigan. Now that's something I never knew. 

I believe this is the first "Mask" card of it's kind, as it predates the 92-93 Pinnacle Masks subset by one year. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong though. There could very well be some even more obscure card at any point in time prior to this.


  1. I always thought it stood for "collectible card". But I really have no idea, just made sense to me.

    I was a huge fan of the Niedermayer and Falloon CC's and who can forget Proset's attempt at including Lindros by mentioning his name on the back of the Draft Card. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. there were 4 'rare' insert cards in 91/92 pro set. The Mask, The Draft, Pat Falloon and Scott Niedermeyer.
    You found them 1 or 2 per box, and at the time, tehy went for around $40-$50 each, with the mask at the high end and the draft at the low end.
    now........ a quarter box.

  3. probably my favourite card when I got was considered quite rare and valuable back then (little did we know of the zillions of Pro Set cards out there at the time) French Pro Set sold at a premium, so you got a deal at 25 cents. (ha ha)

  4. 1991-92 Pro Set
    These cards were included as random inserts in packs of Pro Set cards. CC1 thru CC4 in the first series and CC5 thru CC9 in the second. Cards CC3 and CC4 were pulled from distribution shortly after the cards were introduced due to a licensing problem.
    CC1 Top Entry Draft
    CC2 The Mask
    CC3 Pat Falloon
    CC4 Scott Niedermayer
    CC5 Wayne Gretzky [1990-91 Scoring Leader]
    CC6 Brett Hull [1990-91 Scoring Leader]
    CC7 Adam Oates [1990-91 Scoring Leader]
    CC8 Mark Recchi [1990-91 Scoring Leader]
    CC9 John Cullen [1990-91 Scoring Leader]

  5. je possède CC1 à CC9 ONT- ELLES UNE BONNE VALEUR