Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ink Script Update

Finally. I've been waiting for months to post an update for this project. My latest TTM success brings me to two cards total for the Ink Script project now. I sent these two cards to Terry Yake at his home address in Missouri back in October.

Yake definitely has an interesting signature. I'm having a hard time actually seeing his name in there, but it looks cool nonetheless. He even threw his number on at the end. And I'm assuming that's the little number symbol to the left of it. I like when players add that.

As you can see, both signatures looks pretty much the same, but they have their individual differences. The only flaw with this second one would be how the loop furthest to the right is interrupted at the top.

The reason I sent two of the same card was just in case one of them got smeared, I would still have a decent one for the Ink Script set. This time, I got two quality signatures, so one goes in the Ink Script pile and the other goes into my TTM binder.

Another shout out to Moody's TTM blog for the address on this one.

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