Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thoughts: Collecting Goals for 2011

In my mind, it's important to have goals for your collection. With the year coming to and end, I want to set some collecting goals for 2011. Card Boarded has been a great asset thus far as it's given me a place to organize and chronicle my collecting efforts.

Here are the primary goals I've set for the upcoming calendar year:

1) Organization

Since I started Card Boarded last December, I've accumulated quite a few cards through box breaks, pack breaks, etc. Now I need to do something with all of them, not to mention all of the cards sitting in monster boxes and binders.

Everything in sorted by team right now and I want to change that. I plan on taking some time over the holidays to start reorganizing my entire collection by year and set, something I haven't done before.

2) Continued set building

I've got two primary set collection projects going and I want to stay focused on them, and possibly add a third in the near future.

3) Add a third player collection

For some reason, I find myself wanting to add another player collection to the mix. Maybe it's something about three being a nicer number than two. I've got a few players in mind, so I hope to narrow that list down and start this collection in the new year.

4) Get some more trades under my belt

Part of this has to do with organization, as I still have to get all of my traders together and get the list online.

5) Get to more card shows

I've been to one card show in the last year. I really hope to change that now that I'm done with school and have started my working life.

There's a decent sized local show coming up the weekend after Christmas and I've been planning on attending for some time now. This time I have set a budget for myself and I've got several specific things to look for, so it should be a good time.

2010 has been a good year for my collection, mostly because I got into blogging, which has given me a way to keep track of and share my growing collection.

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