Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pack Break: 2010-11 UD Series 1 Rack Pack x2

These were the two rack packs I received as Christmas gifts. The last one of these I bought wasn't all that bad, so it was a nice surprise to open these with the rest of my gifts. 

Here are a couple of the better base cards from the two packs. I find the Filppula interesting because it uses a picture taken from the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals. Why didn't they have something from last season? Then the Hossa is just nice because it's a card featuring someone with the Cup. 

As far as inserts go I got the usual inserts. Two were Netminders of Kiprusoff and Varlamov. I am just having no luck pulling the Howard from this set. I'm starting to like these a little more as I get more of them. I just wish they focused more on the masks. 

The other two inserts were Ovechkin and Toews Ambassadors of the Game. These aren't my favorite insert in the world, but they could have been worse. At least I got another Ovechkin, that works for me. 

There was this one last insert too. I'll let the scan speak for itself: 

I think I am going to stay away from any more rack packs of this stuff and just look for the Howard singles I need. That should be much easier, faster, and cheaper.

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