Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pack Break: 2010-11 Donruss Rack Pack

I've been trying to buy at least a pack of every product this year, except for the high end stuff (i.e. Limited). So far I've only busted some Score from Panini, so I was looking forward to Donruss. I came across some rack packs at the local Meijer store for $4.99, so I thought why not? As a bonus, all of the trading cards were 20% off so I really got this pack for $4. 

I didn't expect to get anything spectacular and I was really just hoping to pull the Jimmy Howard base card, but that didn't happen. I got all base except one card and I must say they're pretty nice looking. I like the old school Donruss logo. I also like how there is nothing covering any main part of the picture. 

The one insert I got was a Tough Times Tim Hunter. There is just something cool about these cards. I really like the rough look they have. The only negative would be the open space at the bottom of the card where a sticker auto would go, it just looks kind of odd. 

This one wasn't too bad, considering it was on sale. I would have liked to get the Jimmy Howard, but oh well what can you do, I'll just have to look for singles as usual. 

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