Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Picks # 50: Jim Carey

This pick is another insert from the hockey card explosion of the mid 90's. It's a Jim Carey Xcited insert from 1995-96 Sky Box Emotion. That set was different from a lot of other sets at the time and that's something that needs to come back to the hobby, everything is too much of the same thing all the time now. 

As far as the design, it's simple and it works. I really like how they did the negative effect on the background, which allows the player image to really stand out. The blurred effect around the player image is pretty cool too. 

I also like how they did something different with the name of the insert set in the upper left corner by  enclosing the larger "X" inside the light blue circle. The rest of the text is nicely placed at either the top or bottom, not taking away from the image too much. 

The only downside is the fact that Carey's equipment went with the older Caps jerseys and didn't work too well with the blue jerseys. If only they could have used an older picture. 


  1. Xcellent card. Xactly the kind of stuff the 90's were all about. Xcept for the fact that it is of Jim Carey. He did not live up to Xpectations.

    Have you ever noticed how cool things look when you use X's? Xtra cool!

  2. Mid 90's Emotion products are some of the best stuff out there. I busted hockey, baseball, and basketball. Great memories!