Monday, November 8, 2010

Pack Break: 2010-11 UD Artifacts

After going to store after store looking for 10-11 Artifacts retail, I finally found a fresh box of packs at my local Target store. I was just looking for one pack and at $2.99 each I didn't want many more than that anyway, just interested in checking out the base designs.

I've seen a lot of Artifacts box breaks on the various forums, but those only focus on the "hits." I really just wanted to get an idea of what the base set is like. I didn't expect anything great from a retail pack and no surprise, nothing but base. Here they are:

I have to say I really like this version of Artifacts for some reason. The cloud-like background is pretty nice and I like the foil used on the bottom corners, logo and text. I could maybe do without the fading of the player image at the bottom, but that's it.  

I ended up with two blue-tinted and three yellow-tinted cards, anyone know if there is supposed to be a difference, or is the base set just a mish-mash of the two?

Not sure if I want to build the set, but I do know I need to get going on all of the Jimmy Howard's from this set. Some of the more difficult parallels should be fun to track down. 

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