Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Starting Another Player Collection

After looking through some of my binders for cards to help complete my MVP Stanley Cup Edition master set project, I decided to begin, or should I say continue, a second player collection in former Red Wings and Sabres goaltender Dominik Hasek.

Hasek was always my favorite player growing up, despite him playing for the Sabres while I was a Red Wings fan. I used to casually pick up lower end cards of his just because he was my favorite player. After finding nearly 60 or so base and insert cards between the Sabres, Senators, and Red Wings, I knew I wanted to continue collecting more Hasek cards.

I still remember the day the Wings traded for Hasek. I didn't believe it at first, my favorite player and one of the best goalies in the world was coming to Hockeytown, a definite win win situation for me as Wings fan. He helped bring us the cup that year and that pretty much solidified him as my absolute favorite player.

Doing this gives me something to look for that my Jimmy Howard collection does not, and that would be base and insert cards from the good old days of the 90's, when there were all kinds of sweet looking base and insert sets, unlike right now.

As far as the cards I already have. My MVP SC Edition Super Script would have to be the centerpiece of the Hasek collection so far. Other than that, I have one jersey card and that's it, meaning there's probably hundreds, if not thousands of Hasek cards for me to go after.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of collecting both Hasek and Howard now. It's a great then and now kind of pairing. I know some collectors stick to one guy forever and others collect twenty different guys. What are your thoughts on the perfect number of player collections?


  1. When I first started collecting hockey (in the early 90's), Hasek was one of my favorite players to collect. I still have a copy of his 95/96 Select Certified "Mirror Gold" in my collection.

    However... as a Sharks fan... he became enemy #1 when he became a Redwing. that he's retired... I can like him again.

  2. My favourite Hasek card (I'm not a Hasek fan) is 97/98 Donruss Studio #2 Classic

  3. To me, I need to have a connection with that player. I think that's why I've only collected one player (and always will).

    I couldn't pick a random player (or have someone else choose for me) and then start collecting. It would feel like I'm picking up cards just for the heck of it. Going through the motions.

    Whatever the individual enjoys is what the right amount is.

  4. Hasek is a good one to collect, but I'd be scared with the amount of cards with him on it.

    One of these days, I'll start in earnest on my PJ Axelsson collection.

  5. Hey, not to hijack your blog...but I saw Hasek's first-ever action with an NHL team: