Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cardboard Creations: Movie Masks

I've been sitting on this project for a few months now and finally got around to putting the finishing touches on the design. As the title says, these cards feature goalies masks from Hollywood films.

I got the idea for the set after reading the article 13 Goalie Masks in Pop Culture at Gunaxin Sports. I was hpoing to come up with a full nine, but a few of the masks I didn't care for so I settled on these six.

Obviously, Jason Vorhees is the most recognizable of the group, probably followed by Casey Jones from TMNT and Denis Lemieux from Slap Shot. The Deacon mask from Zack & Miri is pretty cool too. 

It's kind of cool that four of the six are actually from non-hockey movies (i.e. Zack & Miri and Mad Max), while you can't go wrong with Slap Shot or Youngblood. 

Part of the problem with this set was finding decent quality images of the different masks, as some of them are simply screenshots from the film (i.e. Lemieux and Jones). 

If anyone has any suggestions, knows of masks I missed, or has better quality images of these six, let me know as I really want to have nine of these to have at least one complete page. 


  1. Hanibal Lector's mask is goalie-ish in its design, right?

  2. How about Hammerhand from "Slap Shot," or Keanu Reeves' character (the goalie) from "Youngblood."

    Maybe the girl from "Hockey Night"?

    I'm surprised Goldberg didn't make the cut. Then again, I never saw any of the "Mighty Ducks" films.

    Jacques Grande from "The Love Guru" (I can send you pics for this one).

  3. Hey guys thanks for the input.

    Casey - I guess it would be. I've never seen the movie, so that one never crossed my mind.

    Sal - I couldn't find anything usable for Hammerhead or the girl from Hockey night. I wanted to use Goldberg, but again same problem, everything was too low quality. I did find a good one of Keanu Reeves' character, but not Jacques Grande. Could you send me the pics you have of that one. I would appreciate it.